Democrats investigate possible impeachment of President Trump

The House of Representatives’ Judicial Affairs Commission is going to request documents from more than 60 individuals and entities in the context of investigations into a possible obstruction of justice for Donald Trump, according to democrat Jerrold Nadler.

“We will launch investigations for abuse of power, corruption […] and obstruction of justice. Our job is to protect the rule of law,” said Jerrold Nadler on ABC’s This Week.

“It is very clear that the president has obstructed justice,” added Nadler, while considering it premature to talk about the relevance of impeachment proceedings.

As evidence of obstruction of justice, Jerrold Nadler cited the case of former FBI director James Comey, who was dismissed by Donald Trump while overseeing an investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the presidential election. 2016 as well as a possible collusion between the Kremlin and the New York billionaire’s campaign team.

The investigations were relaunched by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller, appointed by the Justice Department in May 2017 in the wake of the dismissal of Mr. Comey.

Jerrold Nadler also mentioned what he believes are attempts to intimidate witnesses from the US President.

Among the individuals or entities that the commission intends to solicit for documents are the Department of Justice, the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, and the Trump Organization’s financial director, Allen Weisselberg.

A detailed list will be made public Monday, Nadler said.

Donald Trump reacted to the release of this information on Twitter, Sunday late morning. “After more than two years of presidential harassment, the only thing that has been proven is that Democrats and others have broken the law. The hostile testimony of [Michael] Cohen, delivered by a liar who wanted to reduce his sentence, proved no collusion, “exclaimed the tenant of the White House.

“I am an innocent man persecuted by bad, conflicting and corrupt people. This witch hunt is illegal and should never have been allowed, “he added.

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