Crime And Break-Ins Are Increasing In Tel Aviv

Local Israeli communities are being subjected to the theft of valuable equipment and produce. The issue is there is only one patrol car available for an extremely large area. The Jordan Valley residents were left shaken after numerous break-ins by Palestinians. The resources of the local police have been severely stretched. Moshav Tomer was the site of the break-in on Monday. The damage was extensive due to the loss of 200 grape vines the Palestinians chopped down. Similar occurrences within the area have fed the belief agricultural produce will continue to be vandalized.

Agricultural equipment was stolen from Moshav Mehola by digging a hole beneath the surrounding fence. The electricity in Moshav Netiv HaGdud was disconnected to effectively disable the smart fence. The infiltrators stole a tractor prior to escaping. Another break-in occured last month when the Yitav settlement and Kibbutz Niran were broken into by Palestinians. They were identified by a resident the same evening. The security forces were too late to prevent their escape. Despite the fact the crime rate in Israel is lower than the majority of countries, the streets are no longer safe.

Public concern in Israel has increased due to robberies occurring in the homes of several of elderly Israeli’s. According to the criminologists, violent crimes are increasing. The police have increased personal security, created a witness protection program and enlisted additional police units. There is not enough manpower with only 2.7 police officers for every 1,000 residents. Security on the streets of Netanya has been increased and restaurants and gambling rings linked to organized crime are being shut down. The police have stated tougher penalties and tighter laws have become necessary.

Because most burglars enter homes by opening unlocked doors or windows, before shelling out big bucks for an alarm system or other gadgets, take some basic steps to improve your home’s security.  Contacting an emergency Tel Aviv locksmith or other security professional is also a great measure to take to insure your families safety.

Many of the most effective security strategies cost nothing or very little.

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