Fans Vote Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and J.Cole Need Electric Shavers

Of all the entertaining things to think of, it is not everyday an entertainment news blog talks about beards.  This is the exact topic rebuilding blog discussed recently. In a Facebook forum group the website asked who needs to shave their beards in Hollywood and the results were interesting.  Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and J.Cole all need electric shavers in their hands at all times according to fans. The blog took it a step further, even matching entertainers with a particular model.

This recreational news post came from a leisure social media group’s discussion.  After a few debates, a readers’ vote off was held. CKHiD online released a new story (read here) highlighting why the Biebz, Breezy, and the NC rapper need a Philiips or Braun electric shaver  for their beards. Reasons ranging from wooly peach fuzz jaw straps to losing there ‘whole snack’ appeal were the general reason of vote by fans.  

On top of highlighting the Top 3 in need of an electric shaver according to the social media group,  the site also matched entertainers with a particular model of electric shaver. Each Hollywood entertainer was also aligned with the description of the perfect television commercial scenario as well.

Rapper J.Cole was matched with the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 .   The leader of the Beliebers aka Justin Bieber was paired with a Braun Series 9.   Last but not least, super entertainer Chris Brown was envisioned as best suited with a Braun Series 7 790cc.  

Commercial ideas from the entertainment blog range from a Chris Breezy dance off battle to Justin Bieber sitting on the cliffs within his music video “I’ll Show You.”

Becoming more popular with men more than ever, electric shavers are indeed a rising trend that could cross into pop markets soon.  Brands Philip and Braun are two the largest known trademark brands. NewsTechMarket even reports the niche is going to have an amazing amount of sales growth by 2025.

Watch a YouTube video reviewing of the most popular electric shavers specialized for men of color according to online consumers.

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