The Number Of Alligators In Florida Are Significantly Increasing


Although nobody in Florida is surprised when they see an alligator, the number of sightings has recently increased due to both lust and hunger. According to the police, an alligator eight-feet long woke up the residents of a home in Fort Myers during the night. Another enormous alligator was seen strolling down a busy street. The combination of the warmer temperatures increasing the metabolism of the alligators and impacting their appetites and the current mating season have increased the number of alligators being seen.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife representative Brian Norris, the alligators are searching for food in residents pools and right on the sidewalks. The reptiles are simply browsing the Florida neighborhoods. Some of these reptiles may be searching for chicken. A North Port resident was forced to call the police when he left a restaurant selling chicken wings and saw an alligator beneath his vehicle. Mating season and hunger drew the reptile to the Buffalo Wings & Rings parking lot.

Another alligators was seen in Polk County right outside the local jail. A 300 pound alligator went swimming in a pool in Palm Beach Gardens despite the fact it was fenced in completely. A woman in Panama City at the St. Andrews State Park was fishing in the hopes of catching some mackerel. Instead of the fish, an alligator came out of the water presumably looking for some rest and relaxation on the beach. Another alligator was caught last month by the authorities. The reptile weighed 650 pounds and was twelve feet in length. The age of the alligator was estimated at sixty to seventy years. The expectations are there will be more alligators prowling in the open. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, the mating season is in May and June.

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