Dallas Residents Get Creative To Protect Cars & Houses From Hail Damage

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Covered With Air Mattresses to Prevent Roof Hail Damag

Nasty weather is striking out across the United States.   Tornados, hail, and flooding are occurring at record highs in too many areas to list.  Today however, it was Texas’ turn to catch a ‘beating.’   Literally the state’s textile city, Dallas, was getting hit by hail. As the internet shows us however, even from the negative, comes positives.   Many people of the lonestar state found creative ways to protect their houses and cars from hail damage, giving social media something to buzz about.

“Hail storms forecast this evening in #Texas. Be sure to protect your vehicles” wrote Tiffany Villarreal on a photo of one engineered automotive hail safety kit.  In this photo a Jeep Wrangler is protected by 8 or so air mattresses.

Many other engineered solutions were also captured across social media. A truck was wrapped in bubble wrap (view here) and Two cars at one house were covered in blankets (see pics).    These are two of the most shared photos around the ‘twittersphere’ but nearly 10 others became heavily commented today as well.

Those looking to protect their home, wood panels and blankets were used to cover sensitive sections of the house.  Although most think there house would never show signs of roof hail damage, when the chunks of ice are the size of baseball, anything is possible.   Dents in the roof, broken windows, damage to yard structures such as fountains and statues, and more is possible.

While these photos and stories flooding social media were entertaining, people traveling were no entertained.   Most had to terminate the travel plans and arrangements today, as the hail storm could cause deadly accidents.  Blocks of ice breaking through the windshield while driving would be a top worry.

Airplanes, though high up in the sky, were not safe from the hail damage either. According to DallasNews.com, over 200 flights were cancelled today after signs of an eminent hail storm were announced.    Airlines were made aware that two storms would happen Wednesday. The first storm was estimated to be at 5pm, while the second would be late night between 9pm and 11pm.

People already at the airport or chose to brave the storm, taking an Uber or other taxi-service to DFW, hoping for a change of flight termination, will likely be sleeping in chairs or on the floor.  The Dallas-Fort Worth airport informed shops and restaurants to stay open later than normal to accommodate delayed travelers.     This at least allows stranded airport dwellers food and extra outlets for charging mobile devices.

Watch the video below for a report on the hail storms and damage.

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