Why You Should Consider This Alternative To A Facelift

Why You Might Want to Consider a Thread Lift Over a Facelift
The Facelift

Back in the day, many women would see surgeons in order to receive a facelift. This surgical procedure essentially involved making incisions into the face and then physically pulling the skin to create a tight and firm appearance. It was used as a means to combat sagging skin and to help reduce the development of wrinkles. For many women, it was quite successful. However, as with most cosmetic surgeries, the process is often too invasive for many women to enjoy. It requires them to be out of the office for a few days. It also means that they are left with stitches in their face for several days. Understandably, women looked for an alternative. That alternative is called the Thread Lift.

How It Works

The Thread Lift is a non-invasive procedure in which surgical sutures are inserted into the skin. These sutures are then pulled on and the skin is tightened as a result. That’s literally it. You don’t have to do anything else. In time, the sutures will degrade and dissolve on their own. Typically, the degradation process begins after six to eight months from their insertion. They’re incredibly safe and won’t harm you while they degrade.


According to Аacetite New York, there are many benefits that the Thread Lift has over a traditional facelift. The first is that because it is non-invasive, women are able to receive and recover far more quickly. In fact, there is hardly any downtime required. It’s also considerably cheaper than a facelift, so more women can afford it and feel confident about their skin. It also limits the risk of scarring. A facelift involves incisions which means it may scar as a result. Because Thread Lifts are simply inserted into the soft tissue, you aren’t left with remaining scars.

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