Nicole Vukov Reprising Role In Three Eyes

Renowned actress Nicole Vukov is reprising the starring role in the theater production Three Eyes on Pinocchio written by the world renowned novelist Dacia Maraini directed by Vittorio Capotorto.

Previously Nicole starred as one of the lead roles as the serpent.

The theater production produced by italytime cultural center promoting italian culture all over New York and the world specifically chose Ms. Vukov as the role of the serpent as that is the key role of the show. Not only is it important but the serpent is the narrator that moves the story and helps each character throughout their journey to reach their end destination.

Its the character that is seen on stage the most as it pops up on and off the stage for the audience entertainment.

This show has received a wide range of press as there are many famous and important artists attached to this project including Nicole herself.

Further more the upcoming productions of Three Eyes on Pinocchio with italytime cultural center has been postponed as the production value has gotten bigger and we cannot wait to see the show later on in the upcoming year.

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