Travel Better as a R-Club Loyalty Member

R Club is a unique loyalty program through that gives you a better experience as you come and go. With R Club, you get a hands-on traveling experience with a human touch, from planning the trip to coming home. Our platform is a one-stop shop for travel arrangements and planning at your fingertips.

The mission behind our loyalty program is to give you a customer-service based experience even when planning a trip completely online. That’s why you get a dedicated one-on-one Travel Advisor from start to finish. These experienced Travel Advisors will guide your trip from the first-click to give you the most value.

In addition to a Travel Advisor, as a loyalty member you will be linked to discounts for unpublished hotel rooms, featuring up to 60% discounts! These rates are exclusives and included perks for your membership. Whether it’s your first or 20th stay as a loyalty member, you’ll have access to these discount advantages.

The best part of being a Loyalty Program member is you get these unlimited services and more without ever paying a service fee! You’ll have access to our trip management profiles, exclusive savings, a user-friendly platform to save your history and your travel preferences at the click of a button. All this coupled with our travel advisor team to make sure your stay is convenient, safe, and memorable all at an incredible value.

Signing up is easy, once you’ve made your first reservation at you are eligible to register into R Club and save your preferences for easy check-out. See you next trip!

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