Runway Suitcase: First Class in Travel

Travel options today far outweigh anything that the world has seen in the past century. Savvy travelers shop for the best airlines, hotel accommodations, and excursion trips. The empowered traveler can choose virtually any vacation or holiday destination and have an entire trip mapped out within minutes. Although these bookings are made quickly, is the trip truly well planned? Is it possible that something about the actual trip is being lost in the trip planning phase? has a solution for this dilemma and it comes in the form of a fantastic travel blog.

The Runway Suitcase offers readers a great deal of useful information contained in an easy viewing format. This upscale travel blog reads more like an adventure magazine meets headline news report than a traditional website blog. Newsworthy and noteworthy travel information is presented in language that appeals to readers from all walks of life. The blog celebrates travel destinations and shares those celebrations with readers to help them choose the location of their next holiday or vacation. has long been known as the industry standard in luxury travel arrangements. The Runway Suitcase continues that tradition and takes it one step further. The blog provides unique articles and information for specific travelers and their unique situations. Tailoring information to parents of special needs children or adults with food allergies gives a new level of information and support to travelers.

Even the most seasoned and veteran travelers cannot be expected to know or retain every piece of information about a specific trip or proposed itinerary. The Runway Suitcase provides fresh tips and reminders about places to visit, landmarks with the best photo opportunities, and peak travel times. After all, it is equally important to know when not to visit a particular destination.

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