Concussions: Cannabis, a solution for NHL alumni?

Former NHL players will participate in research on the therapeutic virtues of cannabis products, particularly cannabidiol (CBD). A study that “deserves to be explored,” according to a concussion specialist.

Approximately 100 former NHL players will participate in the experiment to determine the effects of CBD on the treatment of post-concussion symptoms.

Over the last few years, hockey players, mostly strong men, have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or even chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease related to the head trauma they suffered during their careers.

CBD Oil Benefits include anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, according to Dr. Louis Gendron of the Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Sherbrooke.

“Currently, CBD is probably the molecule for which we seem to want to attribute the most therapeutic effects of all kinds,” said Dr. Gendron.

In this sense, the neuropsychologist and founder of the Institute of Concussion in Montreal, Dave Ellemberg, looks favorably on clinical research, while adding a warning.

For the moment, the research project is only intended to relieve former NHL players with cognitive dysfunction.

“If you see it as an intervention for people who have persistent symptoms, symptoms that last more than 4 to 6 weeks, and that is not for the purpose of alleviating or lulling the symptoms,” said Ellemberg.

“If the goal is to see if CBD can alleviate the symptoms immediately following a concussion, I think we’re getting a little bit in the foot, because the symptoms help guide the rest and the gradual return. different activities of daily life and sport. It’s a brake, it makes sure that the athlete does not do too much,” he warns.

Laperrière and Laraque applaud

Philadelphia Flyers assistant coach Ian Laperrière and ex-tough guy Montreal Canadiens Georges Laraque have a positive outlook on the research around this natural product.

If evidence of the benefits of cannabidiol proves, it is better to consume it than to fall back on opioids, which are commonplace in the NHL.

“Pain killers, I took this all my career. It was crazy, remembers Laraque. If I had the alternative of knowing that a couple of drops of a natural product under my tongue could have resolved my pain … When you have a big size, you have to take more. I took it like that can not be. ”

If there are no side effects, compared to all the painkillers I took and my generation took, it would be wonderful for everyone.

Ian Laperrière

“You still have to give credit to the league, it’s a lot worse than it was in time. Doctors are supervised in the way they administer painkillers, “continues the veteran of 1083 games in the NHL.

According to Georges Laraque, the use of CBD, and even the marijuana use, is already widespread in the league. At the same time, he says there is a decrease in opioids in the locker room.

Laraque has never been diagnosed with a concussion, unlike Laperriere who has already, among other things, blocked a shot hit with his head in the playoffs in 2010.

“I had concussions and I did not miss a shift. I went to the room and came back because the therapist was asking me how many fingers I saw. Today, the league has taken care of it […] But we are not returned where we would like to be. The concussion tests are the same as I did in time. There has to be an advancement on that.”

If vape CBD and other forms of CBD can soothe post-concussion pains, Ian Laperrière will be the first to applaud. But no medicine relieved him.

“There is no magic pill for that.”

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