World War Three: North Korea launches short-range missile

With North Korea once again testing their missiles, threats of WW3 Loom

South Korean joint chiefs of staff said on Saturday that North Korea fired an unidentified short-range missile from Wonsan on the country’s east coast.

The missiles traveled between 70 and 200 km above the sea of ​​Japan, the South Korean military command said in a statement.

North Korea “has launched several short-range missiles from the Hodo Peninsula, near the coastal town of Wonsan, heading northeast between 9:06 and 9:27 am today,” said the South Korean military command. in a statement.

“We are aware of North Korea’s actions tonight. We will continue to monitor, “said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

Increased Tension Between The US And North Korea

South Korean and US authorities analyze details, but if it is confirmed that it is the launch of a banned ballistic missile, it will be the first launch of this type since the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile carried out by the North in November 2017.

“Our resolution on denuclearization remains intact and we will do it when the time comes,” said North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui.

“But that will only be possible if the United States revises and reformulates their current calculation,” she said. If they “do not adjust their position before the deadline we have proposed, they will face (an) undesirable result”.

“Kim has decided to remind the world – and especially the United States – that its weapons capabilities are increasing day by day,” commented Harry J. Kazianis, director of Korean studies at the Center for the National Interest in Washigton.

“My fear is that this is the beginning of a return to the time of threats of nuclear war and personal insults, a cycle of dangerous tensions that must be avoided at all costs,” added the expert.

That year, a series of increasingly powerful weapons tests were carried out in the North, and President Donald Trump reacted warily, raising fears of war on many people in the region.

Saturday’s firing comes as new diplomatic tensions taint relations between Washington and Pyongyang, following the failure of Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over the North’s pursuit of bombs. nuclear weapons that can accurately target the American continent.

Experts say the North has short-range nuclear missiles, but still needs more testing to refine its longer-range weapons.

During diplomacy following a difficult 2017, Kim Jong-un said that the North would not test nuclear devices or ICBMs. This short-range missile, however, does not violate this self-imposed moratorium.

Meanwhile, in late April, Kim met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok for their first summit, during which he complained about US “bad faith” in the nuclear crisis.

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