Botox Now Treats Excessive Sweating

Probably, the most likely and popular first association when one hears the word, Botox, is the removal of facial lines and wrinkles, but its newest use has nothing to do with that. A condition known as hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is now being successfully treated with the drug. By blocking the nerves that normally send messages to the sweat glands to activate, Botox is able to curb the production of sweat immediately.

The chemical is administered by a physician, usually a dermatologist, with a device called MedJet, an innovative, needle-free technology that has for some years been used to deliver vaccinations without needles. Botox, with the help of carbon dioxide to blast the chemical into the desired area with the MedJet device, provides a relatively painless and effective way to treat the embarrassing condition of excessive sweating, according Axcess News.

To date, there have been absolutely no side-effects reported. Although it is not a one-time treatment, the sweat-curbing effects of the injection can last up to six months, after which time the process needs to be repeated. Other methods to ameliorate the problem have been less than successful according to patients who have reported side-effects just about as annoying and embarrassing as their sweating.

There are still no scientific findings to determine the cause or causes of hyperhidrosis. Until they do find out what factors may trigger this sweating dysfunction in so many people so that it may be prevented, those who have long been afflicted by the disorder can at least take courage in knowing that the effects can be successfully treated.

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