Entrepreneur Josh MacDonald Releases New Book

Software entrepreneur Josh MacDonald, whose youth including founding a company based around clever research tool Keyword Scout (which was banned by PayPal because its founder was underaged), followed in college by page-ranking company SerpClix, has sold his interest in SerpClix to focus on the topic of his new book, teaching people the three key stages of building a successful software company.

MacDonald’s book, The Non-Technical Founder: How a 16-Year Old Built A Six Figure Software Company Without Writing Any Code, delivers on the title’s promise by breaking down the process of forming a software company into three manageable stages: ideation, development, and marketing. MacDonald also interviews a wide range of noted entrepreneurial experts, from fellow software executives and company founders, to social marketing managers, to online publishers. The range of experts that MacDonald speaks with testifies to the respect he has generated among his peers.

Though he’s only 23, MacDonald already has a wealth of knowledge to impart through his book thanks to beginning his first venture, Keyword Scout, at the age of 16. The company was successful, selling over six figures worth of customer subscriptions to the tool, which allowed subscribers to identify and build small websites around under-saturated keywords. These websites would then show up in Google rankings for the keywords, offering informational tutorials to the people who clicked through to them and advertising space for their creators. The lessons MacDonald imparts in his new book are based on these experiences of building two successful companies in the span of a few years.

In addition to publishing his first book and studying computer science at the University of Toronto, MacDonald is also working on developing influencer marketing platform Shout.

MacDonald’s new book is available for purchase online at Amazon or at bookstores worldwide.

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