Staffing Agency Offers Hope to Job Applicants With Criminal Backgrounds

At a time when the unemployment rate is at record low levels, job seekers whose criminal backgrounds may have a blemish or two are still experiencing barriers when looking for work. Anything from a DUI arrest to underage drinking and from domestic violence incidents to misdemeanor drug possession can significantly diminish the chances of landing jobs when criminal background checks are conducted. Fortunately for these applicants, a new staffing agency is willing to work with them.

Since 2017, 70 Million Jobs has stood out as the premier online job board for people who have been formerly incarcerated or whose criminal background investigations do not come back 100 percent clean. In 2019, 70 Million Jobs has decided to increase its footprint in the job market by becoming a staffing agency. What this means for individuals who seek employment opportunities is that they will have greater support in terms of job placement from a company that really cares about their success in the labor marketplace. 70 Million Jobs has already built an impressive book of clients to include Uber, Denny’s, Berkshire Hathaway, Skechers, and many others, making them on the best staffing agencies in Phoenix and many other cities.

Richard Bronson, founder of 70 Million Jobs, spent a couple of years in federal prison for his work with Stratton Oakmont, the infamous stock brokerage firm depicted in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Upon his release, Bronson realized just how difficult it can be for former inmates to rejoin the workforce, thus he became inspired to start a firm that could help them overcome there barriers to employment.

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