Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists: Michelle Dilhara speaks

Social invisibility also refers to individuals who have been marginalized and are systematically ignored by the wider public and as a result these individuals feels excluded or invisible. It can include homeless people, the elderly, children homes or anyone who feels a sense of rejected or separated from society as a whole.Actress Michelle Dilhara Speaks.

Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists says popular Actress Michelle Dilhara.We usually live in a society that ,people are so busy with telephone calls ,e mails, receiving letters ,Office work ,meetings ,parties …. We use Facebook an average of 125 minutes a day and average use of social media per day is 135min.Any person under 50 years of old will at least get a telephone bill, electricity bill or a parking ticket.We feel connected to the society because of the concept of global villege.

Recognition Social Invisibility and Disrespect

What happens when you are old or retired from the job.The society is still goes on with their busy work, but you are not a part on it,you will miss all the stress related work from your job and all the communication that you had.You will have a limited number of communications with the work.Now you are alone in your house and you suddenly feels ….that may be be your are out of the planet.After an year or two …you will receive no calls or any part of the communication you had.

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