Kendrick Castillo Remembered and Honored with Love

A memorial service was held on Wednesday for Kendrick Castillo, the brave 18-year old from STEM high school in Highlands Ranch, CO, a suburb of Denver.

Along with his peers, Brendan Bialy and Joshua Jones, Kendrick saved the lives of his fellow classmates last week by rushing against and tackling the two armed, student attackers. Of the three courageous students, Kenneth was the one who took the fatal bullet.

Eight other students were injured in the attack. The incident occurred just days before Kenneth would have graduated from STEM. He was planning on studying electrical engineering in college in the Fall.

Open to the public, the service commemorating the life of this selfless teen was packed with a crowd of nearly 2,000. T

he procession of jeeps and trucks leading the rest of the motorcade from the Horan and McConaty mortuary to Cherry Hills Community Church, 3900 Grace Blvd., in Highlands Ranch was a tribute to Kenneth’s avid interest in jeeps and off-road vehicles.

Kendrick’s father is a member of the Knights of Columbus. The organization helped pay for the funeral expenses including funeral flowers and condolences as well as providing an honor guard for the ceremony.

Kendrick Castillo, the hero student who died taking down a school shooter at Colorado’s STEM School Highlands Ranch on May 7.

Teachers, students and members of Kendrick’s robotics team made touching, tear-jerking statements at the memorial. Excerpts of some of the things they had to say include the following: “…and now he is our guardian angel.” “…He died for us and now it is time for us to live for him.” “…He has fought the good fight, and he is now receiving his reward.”

He was given a posthumous award due to his work with the robotics team. The award was created in memory of Kendrick, and he is the first recipient to be honored with it, naming him as a Technology Student Association Honor Society [member].

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