Brazilian chef Yamily Benigni focuses on teaching people how to eat healthily

Yamily Benigni is a chef and food blogger from Brazil which has more than 400K followers on Instagram, she started her passion as a blogger to share her favourite recipes on a Portuguese website called

Everything started when Yamily found herself overweight and decided to lose some weight, she began to develop recipes and share them.

The first step is that she changed her old habits completely for healthy ones, started exercising and reduced her sugar intake.

Then, she lost 20kg, completed a half-marathon and now she is sharing many recipes and food ideas on her website and Youtube channel.

“In the beginning, it seems difficult, but after the first 2 weeks, things started to flow smoothly,  I wasn’t craving fatty or sugary foods as much anymore. I believe anyone can do it, you just need to keep focused on yourself.” Says Yamily.

Also, she said that her diet consisted of eating foods full of fibre, complex carbs, colourful vegetables, protein, reducing sugary foods, drinking plenty of water during the day, and exercising daily.

Currently, Yamily decided to use her social media to influence and teach people how to enjoy cooking healthy food without spending much time in the kitchen.

You can find Yamily on Instagram @yamilybenigni

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