SoleFaqs adds New Addition Daylon Land

Daylon to be a part of the Marketing Research and Development Department has already proven to be the right choice. Based on SoleFaqs proprietary research Daylon was able recommended that SoleFaqs not only focus on sneakers but the entire shoe industry. Thus, not only being able to help reduce the item not as described returns for sneakers but for other shoes. As a result, SoleFaqs is currently scaling to cover the entire e-comm shoe secondary market.

SoleFaqs is a SaaS company based out of Dallas Texas metro area.

SoleFaqs software allows sneaker resellers to create a proprietary patent pending shoe description report also known as a “SDR” The SDR can be uploaded along with picture of shoes across multiple marketplace platforms. This SDR helps decrease the chance of a seller receiving an Item not as Described return.

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