Film director Zain Khan Will release a documentary film on Pakistani wrestling

Dubai International Film Festival and New Zealand Film Festival 2020 will showcase a documentary being filmed by a Pakistani-American Filmmaker on the downfall and prospects for the revival of Pakistan Kushti – a popular form of wrestling in South Asia, Zain Khan, producer, and director of the film, told APP.

The film titled “Zor: The World of Pakistan Wrestling” starring many big Names in the WWE and international wrestling scene will be released in the first week of January 2020.

The film tries to examine the wrestling scene in Pakistan also critically examines the rise and fall of the great sport, what elements are required for the sport to revive in Pakistan.

The documentary film was produced and Directed by Zain Khan, starring internationally world-renowned wrestlers including Jonny Loquasto (WWE) Tiny Iron, Bernard Van Damme, Baadshah Pehalwan Khan and Nigel Rabid.

Producer and Director Zain Khan told APP that the film will be released in January 2020, adding that the film would be screened at Dubai Film Festival and the New Zealand Film Festival.

Zain Khan comes of a family whose third generation is now making headway in the film industry. His grandfather Amanullah Khan owned Sangeet Cinema and Melody Theatre in Gujranwala. His father produced a Lollywood film titled ‘Maidan-e-Jang’ featuring famous action hero Sultan Rahi and renowned heroine Reema Khan.

Zain Khan, who has a rich family background in the Pakistani film industry, Lollywood, is shooting a documentary to bring forth the challenges and barriers faced by the Pakistani wrestlers and to explore ways to bring back its lost glory. Zain Khan has earlier produced many popular documentaries films including ‘A Sufi Shrine’ and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s official ‘Inside the Azadi March’.

Zain Khan who is also a broadcast journalist for an international digital news channel said “Now I am focused on highlighting the social issues and will soon come up with documentaries on topics like women’s right to inheritance; a challenge to girls education.

He in his last comments said that he wanted to bring the matter of Pakistani wrestling to international limelight through an international film fair and besides Dubai International Film Festival and New Zealand Film Festival, he would go for other international film contests including the Oscars in the future.

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