Top pet friendly hotels in New York

It always makes us stretch our smile a little more with a pride calling New York city one of the
most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. They haven’t left anything which is not dog-friendly. There is
dog-friendly parks, cafes, specialized boutiques, restaurants that allow pets on their patios and
last but not the least which is dog-friendly hotels.

If planning to explore some of the most sublime places to visit then don’t compelled to leave
your furry family members at the home only, take them off and let them enjoy something which
has been specially designed for them! Without dwelling deeper let’s check on for the most
appropriate check-ins phew! I mean to say dog-friendly hotels.


The Soho Grand Hotel is in the heart of the trendy Soho neighborhood, especially when it’s
summertime when the outdoor restaurants are open, Doggies are warmly welcomed at almost
any outdoor restaurant. Throughout the year The Soho Grand Hotel hails their four-legged
guests free of charge, they have their own dog park featuring fire hydrant water stations,
benches, and designer gardens. Doesn’t that sound cool?


If you literally want to stay in the midst of all the action with your furry partners, the Kimpton
hotel should exist in your wishlist! Pets are welcomed free of charge. You will be conferred a
VIP (“Very Important Pet”) amenity that’s delivered upon check-in. Leashes, pet bowls, and pet
beds are placed in guest rooms. The hotel has a concierge service for dog sitting and dog
walking. Don’t tell me you’re getting instincts of having clicked a dapper instagrammable shots
already, Are you?


It would be a deception with your furry bae if you won’t take him/her to the place he’s made to
visit, Central Park is the doggie heaven for all the pups and dogs out there, The hotel 1 Central
park greets their furry rockstars with amenities like beds, bowls, and healthy pet foods. The
hotel even has a dog-friendly concierge team with information about NYC’s best dog parks, pet
shops, grooming salons, and more.


The High line hotel is about as dog-friendly as it can get! With its own outdoor dog-friendly
restaurant and bar ( which is open in a hot climate) the front desk staff is there to assist with
in-room requests and give advice on pet-friendly activities, Oh they are also worth to have such

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