Air pollution linked with hypertension

Scientists have established a link between air pollution and hypertension through a study published in the Journal of Public Health. According to the study scientists suggest that air pollution and living in... Read more »

Direct Primary Care, how does it work, how much does it cost and what does it cover?  

First off let’s understand that Direct Primary Care is not full health insurance. Traditionally full health insurance cover’s us for our preventive care services, doctor visits, specialist visits, medications, urgent care, and... Read more »

Staffing Agency Offers Hope to Job Applicants With Criminal Backgrounds

At a time when the unemployment rate is at record low levels, job seekers whose criminal backgrounds may have a blemish or two are still experiencing barriers when looking for work. Anything... Read more »

Half of the cases of polycystic ovaries could be linked to a specific gene

Researchers have found that 50% of women with polycystic ovary syndrome have certain variations in a gene related to testosterone production. This observation could help develop new approaches against this important cause... Read more »

Botox Now Treats Excessive Sweating

Probably, the most likely and popular first association when one hears the word, Botox, is the removal of facial lines and wrinkles, but its newest use has nothing to do with that.... Read more »