fisher price rock’n play recall refund details

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an alert for all models of a baby seat that has killed at least 30 children across the country since 2009, the agency said in... Read more »

New York Designer Nina Cuso Dazzles With New Collection

New York based fashion designer Nina Cuso has just released her latest collection. The newest capsule collection from Nina Cuso has been released. The collection is sassy, elegant and exquisite. The meaning... Read more »

Democrats investigate possible impeachment of President Trump

The House of Representatives’ Judicial Affairs Commission is going to request documents from more than 60 individuals and entities in the context of investigations into a possible obstruction of justice for Donald... Read more »

End of the joint military maneuvers between Washington and Seoul

The United States and South Korea will end their large joint annual military exercises, which regularly trigger North Korean anger, the South Korean Defense Ministry said on Sunday. These two exercises, dubbed... Read more »

Afghanistan: US soldier killed in apparent internal attack

A US soldier was killed and another was wounded in Kabul on Saturday, apparently in an attack by an Afghan soldier who was immediately shot dead, NATO said in a statement. “According... Read more »