Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists: Michelle Dilhara speaks

Social invisibility also refers to individuals who have been marginalized and are systematically ignored by the wider public and as a result these individuals feels excluded or invisible. It can include homeless... Read more »

Staffing Agency Offers Hope to Job Applicants With Criminal Backgrounds

At a time when the unemployment rate is at record low levels, job seekers whose criminal backgrounds may have a blemish or two are still experiencing barriers when looking for work. Anything... Read more »
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Covered With Air Mattresses to Prevent Roof Hail Damag

Dallas Residents Get Creative To Protect Cars & Houses From Hail Damage

Nasty weather is striking out across the United States.   Tornados, hail, and flooding are occurring at record highs in too many areas to list.  Today however, it was Texas’ turn to catch... Read more »

No, cow’s milk is not the most important carcinogen ever identified

An article published on the website Exoportail claims that casein, a protein contained in milk, is the most important carcinogen known. This statement is largely contradicted by the scientific literature. This thesis... Read more »

Former figure skating champion found dead after being suspended

John Coughlin, a former American figure skating champion, was found dead at his home in Kansas City on Friday, a day after being temporarily suspended by the US Center for SafeSport. He... Read more »